THE GOLDEN DAYS OF LAJPAT NAGAR-III welcomes you. Before visiting the main website, please spare a minute & read the following information

This site belongs to Harvinder Singh, former General Secretary of Lajpat Nagar-III Neighbourhood Residents Association (Regd.),
Lajpat Nagar-III, New Delhi. He constructed this site in 2004 & also maintained till April 2014.In Election during April 2014 he did not contested. The newly elected Executive Committee disowned this important landmark website & constructed a new website with a new domain name & which has been closed because of non-renewal. 

Why this site is hosted again ?.

This site is hosted again to show the landmark works done in Lajpat Nagar-III by the Previous Executive Committee of the Association, which brought many changes in the life of residents. You can see some of important Developments works done in Lajpat Nagar-III with the efforts of previous Executive Committee. some important unpublished letters are shown to explain, how the works were initiated & completed.

These important works differentiate Lajpat Nagar-III from other parts of Lajpat Nagar. You can also refresh your memories by viewing the Videos & 25 Pictures Galleries of the functions held at Community Centre.

This was the first Association which was reached in every resident's pocket by starting SMS/website services to provide important informations to residents which was an unique example in Delhi & also provided opportunity to resident to contact Executive members by making a call or sending SMS/email for their grievances.

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