Previous Executive Committee Efforts


Piped Natural Gas connections by Indraprastha Gas Limited

  Cooking is very important for every home. We were using LPG Cylinder gas from many years. One day we saw a board of IGL gas company at service lane of Ring Road. We approached IGL officers at their R.K.Puram office. They asked us that how much residents are interested in our colony. We told them that every house is interested. Then we collected written consent from most of the residents for PNG connection & submitted to IGL. After our representation, they told that they will start work after the commonwealth games as road cutting is ban. We assured them that we will help them in this matter.

Then MCD Commissioner visited our Community Centre, we handed over a memorandum to him which was included a demand of early road cutting permission. After the games I was told that IGL has applied for road cutting permission for road cutting to lay gas pipes. We immediately approached MCD & permission was granted with in a week & work was started.

After the laying of gas pipe lines, we hold gas connection registration camp for 6 months at association office, daily which was longest booking camp by any RWA in Delhi. We booked connection, collected all documents from residents & submitted to IGL & receipts were issued to residents. Nearly 1200 connections were registered by the association & also helped those residents where feasibility problem existed.
  1. Letter to Indraprastha Gas Limited to supply Piped Natural Gas to Lajpat Nagar-3  
  2. Letter received from Indraprastha Gas Limited that they will consider our request soon  
  3. Latter to Indraprastha Gas Limited to assure them that we will help in road cutting permission to lay pipe lines.  
  4. Letter to Indraprastha Gas Limited for adopting pick & choose method for installation of connection.