Previous Executive Committee Efforts

Some More Important Achievements

1.   Won the Case in Delhi High Court Jointly with the RWA's of South Delhi against noise pollution which forced DMRC to fixed Blue sound barriers on the both sides of the Metro Line from Lajpat Nagar to Nehru Palace.  
2.   Opened a GYM for the residents with a nominal changes & later free at Community Centre.  
3.   Provided a Table Tennis facility free for all residents at Community Centre.  
4.   Dual water supply for I,J,K & L Block from Lajpat Nagar-2 main water line at Lal Sain Market Junction to imrove water pressure.  
 5.   Connection of Colony water supply with Sonia Vihar water Treatment Plant.  
6. . Association hold House Tax Camps every year.  
7.   Beautiful building was constructed to start a club in our colony.  
8.   A Public Private Partnership agreement was done with SMCD for financial & Technical assistance for Parks maintenance  which is being transferring to residents.