Previous Executive Committee Efforts


Defeating MCD in Delhi High Court against misuse of C-Block School

  In the year 2009, we came to know that MCD is shifting Central Market Hospital in our C-Block School because the students in such a big building were a very few. They also planned to construct a Recreation Centre for Senior Citizen Centre in the school premises for which our MLA has already allocated funds & tender for construction was already issued. We were already doing efforts to convert the open space of the premises into a park. For which we seeking information through RTI( CLICK FOR RTI EFFORTS),  so we can approach the court.

We requested MLA not to pursue this project but he was adamant so we filed a writ petition (civil) in Delhi High Court & ultimately association won the case that land allocated for school, can not be used for any other activities. So now in future we are rest assured that this school building can not be used for any other purpose which may increase the Burdon on our colony. Following is the Delhi High Court Order. Click to enlarge